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Simplify your beauty routine with our Neat Lash Extensions you can swim, shower and live your life, with natural looking longer, darker, curled lashes.

The best part? NO MORE MASCARA (or lash curlers)!  Just get up and go! Lasts 3-4 weeks. 

Really Neat (Full Set)

Our Full set of luxurious long lashes. We work hard to extend and meticulously separate each lash, using the best products and techniques for maximum effect while maintaining optimum lash health. 2+ hours: $150 - Volume Set price: $200

Pretty Neat (Petite Set)

A good way to try out lash extensions, about 2/3 of the visible lashes are extended giving a natural look Note, If your lashes are blonde, we recommend the Really neat set.   2 hours: $100 - Volume Set price: $150

Keep them Neat (Fill)

Our lashes last around 3-4 weeks. We recommended fills every 3 weeks to maintain the ultimate, fullest Neat Lash look. 1 hour:  $70 - Volume Set price: $100

{if you wait beyond 4 weeks for a fill and have almost no lashes, you'll be charged for a pretty neat set, as it will take more time and material.}

Touch up (Lite fill)

30 min - $40

Lash Tint

30 min - $25

Brow Tint

30 min - $25

Makeup Artistry

Our experienced estheticians can beautify you with the power of makeup for weddings, photo shoots prom, or date night without leaving you looking overly made-up! Contact us for scheduling and costs.  

Lash Extension Removal is available should you ever need it, your natural lashes will still remain!


If you have questions feel free to reach out to us. 

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