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Really Neat (full Set) Lash Extensions
Our fullest set of luxurious long lashes.  

Special! $90

Valid through June 30th.

2 hours - $150

Pretty Neat (Petite Set)
A good way to try out lash extensions, with this set about 2/3 of the visible lashes are extended for a beautiful natural look. 

Special! $75

Valid through June 30th.

90 minutes - $100

Really Neat Fill
We recommended fills every 3 weeks to maintain the fullest neat lash look. Special! $45

Valid through June 30th.

45 minutes - $70


Say goodbye to mascara!

We provide top quality lash extensions that accentuate your natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions are simply the application of a synthetic lash on a natural lash one at a time until a beautiful, natural and full look is achieved. The glue should not touch your skin and the lashes should be separated from each other. They should last from 3- 5 weeks and we recommend maintaining them every 3 weeks for the ultimate look.

Unfortunately, some lash techs are not meticulous and leave you with poor results, discomfort, unhealthy natural lashes, or extensions that only last a few days.

Our top priority is maintaining the health of your own natural lashes.  

We invite you to contact us today and experience for yourself the benefits of longer, black (or colored!) curled lashes!



2929 Southwest Barbur Boulevard, Suite 203. Portland Oregon.